Science is one of those rare fields that encourages curiosity, creativity, and the chasing of only loosely related ideas. My research focuses on the thermal consequences of forest fragmentation but dabbles in a variety of topics:

1) mapping the thermal landscape of fragmented forests,

2) physiological responses to changing thermal environments,

3) distribution and abundance across thermal niches,

4) temperature-dependent sex determination in the face of landscape change

My work blends theory and field experiments for a more comprehensive understanding of the consequences of habitat loss and fragmentation. This work integrates landscape, thermal and biophysical ecology, as well as population and community dynamics. My research focuses on the common garden skink (Lampropholis guichenoti) within the Wog Wog Habitat Fragmentation Experiment in New South Wales, Australia.

To learn more about the Wog Wog experiment and my research projects, click the links below. To get involved with the project, make sure to contact me.

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What can thermal biology teach us about forest loss

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